The West Texas Outlaws

We are Lubbock’s longest-standing minor professional football team consisting of adult players from throughout the South Plains. We are members of the Southwest American Football League (SAFL) and our team fields a combination of: former professional, collegiate, and arena players, players with only high school experience, and some with no experience playing football at all. In January 2014, our team will be entering our 12th season. We have made playoffs 10 out of 11 seasons. We play 11-man tackle football using the NFL rules.

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It is our mission to mold each member of this organization into someone better than the person they were when they came on board, both on and off the field. We will achieve this by doing everything right, from top to bottom, and conducting ourselves professionally while making the most out of every meeting, practice, film-session, community event, fundraiser, and game. Doing the little things right prepares us to do big things. We will not take shortcuts on the field or off of the field. We will conduct ourselves as model citizens, knowing that if we do something out of line, we are hurting ourselves and our team. As football players in West Texas, we are leaders. To achieve our vision, every member of this organization is committed to it from the front office to the players on the field.

Purpose: Building Better Men

The purpose of the West Texas Outlaws football organization is to (1) make every member of the organization a better person and better football player, (2) give players a quality opportunity and quality experience to continue playing the game of football, (3) have high levels of success on and off the field, and (4) progress to a higher level in both football and life. Our goal is to help every member of the organization see improvements in their personal life, in their families, in their careers, in their finances, and in their faith.

Vision: Building a Dynasty

It is our vision, not only to win football games, but to do so with class, building better men, better families, and better communities in the process. Our lives are connected with the lives of people around us, so by being the best people we can be, on and off the field, it will send a spark that is able to revive every level of football in the Lubbock area and beyond.