Confident Outlaws expect a strong run in 2015

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In a city where Texas Tech football has been the pulse of the town for some 80-plus years, the West Texas Outlaws have quietly put together one of the longest-running semipro football programs in the state of Texas.

Entering their 13th season, the Outlaws are coming off a successful 2014 campaign which ended with a loss in the Southwest American Football League Championship Game against the Drillers at Grande Communications Stadium in Midland. Coming within reach of the crown last season, which marked their 11th playoff appearance in 12 seasons, this team is now more confident than ever heading in to 2015.

As is the case with football teams at every level, attrition hits during the off-season as some players hang it up to move on with their lives, while coaches, staff and veterans work around the clock to further their mission and welcome new faces to come in and help carry the team forward. One major change to look for with the Outlaws in 2015 is seven-year veteran athlete Maurice Taylor’s transition to offensive coordinator.

“I’m really excited,” Taylor said of his new position. “I thought I had a few years left in me as a player,but I thought I could have more of an impact on players as a coach than as a player. We’ve been having some good turnouts at practice and at workouts this offseason. This is probably the biggest turnout as far as rookies interested in our team.”

A former semipro All-Star at several positions including tight end and linebacker, Taylor has earned the respect of players all around the league and believes that his presence as a coach will help propel the team forward.

“A lot of guys look up to me,” Taylor said. “I’ve seen the Outlaws like right there on the breakthrough where we’ve just needed to make a few changes and I feel like with me playing for six years – I kind of call myself a player’s coach because I have a real good relationship with all of the players.”

The Outlaws, which are traditionally a strong defensive team, got off to a slow start in 2014 as new players on both sides of the ball were forced to mature and step in to larger roles. Several veterans, including Taylor, had to come together like never before to help right the ship and finish the season on a high note.

“I really didn’t see myself as a guy to be the glue of the team, but God placed me in this organization for a purpose and last year I felt that my leadership was needed and we made it to a championship game, which was really good,” Taylor said. “I actually see the Outlaws improving from last year, I know that all things are possible with Christ and I’m a Christ-man myself and I believe that we can get to where we want to get.”

While many semipro teams fail to survive for more than two seasons due to a lack of interest, resources and facilities, the Outlaws are still going strong and have solidified a home field at Lubbock Christian High School for the third consecutive season and the foreseeable future.

“We actually have accepted another contract to be at Lubbock Christian again this year, which is the first question for a lot of guys: ‘Where will we play?’ Taylor said. “We can tell them that we will be at Lena Stephens Field which is right here in Lubbock, we won’t have to travel and it’s a great place to be at.”

A man of faith, Taylor considers this relationship with the Christ-centered private school a blessing and a major open door for the Outlaws football organization.

“It’s great, in order to have success at the semipro level, you’ve got to have consistency and that means having a consistent home playing field,” Taylor said. “This will be our third consecutive season playing at Lena Stephens Field. We’ve been building a good relationship with them and they’re excited about us coming back just like we’re excited about being there.”

With a home field in place and familiar faces calling the shots on both sides of the ball, interest in the Outlaws is at a new high as several veterans have returned this season to welcome a record number of rookies.

“I’ve been talking to guys on and off,” Taylor said. “Pretty much everybody is back on board. On offense, we have Charles Planks returning, he’s been with the Outlaws longer than I can remember. We have Dee Allen, who had a breakout season last year. He’s coming back to play wide receiver for us. We have the majority of our line coming back. I’m the only one missing. We have Damian Roberson coming. Our defensive line, all of those starters are coming back, our enforcer Slade McCarty is coming back. Really all of our core players are coming back so we can build on to what we did last year and keep going up from there”

Taylor will be calling the offense and defensive coordinator Manuel Gonzales returns to lead the charge on defense.

“Manuel is a great coach,” Taylor said. “He’s got those guys to buy into his system and he’s one of the most hard-working coaches I know. That’s pretty much the hardest thing with the Outlaws, we’ve always had defense but we didn’t have that relationship that we had last year. Manuel was the leader of that relationship. He’s a good guy, guys come to him and work hard for him.”

The Outlaws have already started practicing for the season which kicks off in February 2015, but the team is still accepting players.

“They can always contact me by Facebook,” Taylor said. “They can e-mail me at or they can always contact our Facebook page which is Wtx Outlaws-Football, they can hit us up on Twitter at WTXOutlaws or go to our website at”

West Texas Outlaws Celebrate International Women’s Day at March 8th Game

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West Texas Outlaws, Lubbock’s longest-standing minor professional football team, will celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 8, 2014 with their game theme: “Women Rock: Outlaws Empowering Women”.

West Texas Outlaws will host the New Mexico Titans on Lena Stephens Field at Lubbock Christian High School on 2604 Dover (just off 26th and Chicago Ave). Gates will open to the public at 6:00pm, with the coin toss and entertainment at 6:40pm and kick off at 7:00pm.  The festivities will display the team’s appreciation for women, promote women’s health, and empower women.

Women-owned businesses, including a bakery, smoothie shop, and beauty experts, will be set up prior to the game for fans to enjoy. Studio 57 will kick off the game with a Zumba dance to get fans excited. Starting at 6:00pm, Covenant Health will offer screenings* with their Mobile Mammography Unit throughout the game.  A special surprise for female fans will be presented by the West Texas Outlaws players.

Halftime will be dedicated to honoring player Damian Roberson’s wife, Samantha Roberson, who suffered from Pseudotumor Cerebi.  Samantha is an inspiration to us all and has shown how to overcome adversity with amazing dignity and grace. The team’s mission is to raise awareness of the illness which increases pressure inside the skull for no obvious reason. Though no tumor is present, symptoms are similar to those of a brain tumor, such as moderate to severe headaches behind the eyes, ringing in the ears, nausea, and issues with vision.  Samantha had surgery on her eyes twice in September 2013, her brain in October 2013, and a second brain surgery in November 2013. For more information on Samantha’s illness or to donate to help cover medical costs, visit her You Caring Donations Page.

For more information and updates visit the team’s website, find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or check out their blog.



West Texas Outlaws are Lubbock’s longest-standing minor professional football team consisting of adult players from throughout the South Plains. They are members of the Southwest American Football League (SAFL) and our team fields a combination of: former professional, collegiate, and arena players, players with only high school experience, and some with no experience playing football at all. In January 2014, the team will be entered their 12th season. They have made playoffs 10 out of 11 season and play 11-man tackle football using the NFL rules.




Covenant Mobile Mammography Program provides screening mammogram services to rural counties surrounding Lubbock.  The unit travels to a different location Mon-Thurs., providing screening mammograms to women from 39 counties within a 120 mile radius of Lubbock. They visit certain locations bi-monthly or monthly, a few locations quarterly and a few annually.  They are happy to arrange visits to schools, churches, health fairs and other events such as yours.  This service is designed to take screening mammograms to the communities that do not have access to this service and to help overcome the barriers such as travel, loss of work time and fuel cost, that occur when traveling to Lubbock for a mammogram.   The criteria for obtaining a screening mammogram on the Mobile Unit:


  • 40 years or older  (no physician order needed)
  • 35-39 years old (Physician order required)
  • No symptoms such as lumps, nipple discharge, swelling or inflammation of the breast.
  • Must have a Physician of record, we need a physician to receive the mammogram results.
  • They accept insurances, self-pay. Medicare and Medicaid and they do partner with the Komen Foundation and YWCA to provide mammograms to the underinsured and uninsured patients.
  • Typically, Out-of-pocket, cash a mammogram is $181.00. Most insurance companies will cover the cost at 100% as a wellness check.  Each individual needs to verify that with their insurance company.  Outside of that there is financial assistance and sometimes grant money.

Head Coach Charles Gonzales is pleased with preseason game performance at AT&T Stadium

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West Texas Outlaws return home from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas ending their preseason game in a tie against the Garland Aztecs with the final score, 12-12.

Head Coach Charles Gonzales was pleased with everyone’s performance on both sides of the ball, and was proud by how everyone was working together to create the highlights of the game.

“Player of the game would go to the whole defense,” Coach Gonzales said. “Goal line stands were the highlight of the game. Brandon Taylor ran back an interception-60 to 70 yards.”

First time playing with a minor football league, quarterback Hunter Alford implemented his offensive skills to make plays.

“Offense did a great job,” Gonzales said. “Both quarterbacks came in and performed well. Hunter did an excellent job when he scored the first touchdown of the game.”

Outlaws had several players out due to injuries and made some mistakes during the game, but that did not stop them from overcoming adversity on the field Saturday evening.

Coach Gonzales knows the Outlaws must focus on working harder and keeping the team in sync during practice to prepare for future games.

“Overall I am very proud of them,” Gonzales said. “We will continue working harder and building team chemistry. Everything has to click the right way for it to work-just us getting the kinks out.”

Coach Gonzales is confident that the Outlaws will have a successful season and appreciates the cheerleaders and fans cheering them on.

“When you have people in the stands and cheerleaders on the side, that makes a big difference,” Gonzales said.

Outlaws will face a New Mexico team in three weeks. More details about the time and place will be posted soon, but the game is currently slated for February 16th at 1p.m. at Lubbock Christian High School’s Lena Stephens field.

West Texas Outlaws return to AT&T Stadium for preseason game

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The West Texas Outlaws have been working hard to prepare for this season opener as they head to Dallas, Texas, to face the Garland Aztecs in AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

The Outlaws have developed a brotherhood this season, working for the same goal as they return to AT&T stadium for the second time.

Defensive coach Manual Gonzales believes the Outlaws have to be put in the right position to win in order to make them believe they can beat anybody.

“The team has been working and are focused,” coach Manual Gonzales said. “We have a young group this year. Everyone is being a family and getting along.”

The Outlaws have new players this season and will be able to implement their talents along with their fellow veteran teammates in Saturday’s game.

“We have a lot of young players out there,” coach Gonzales said. “The guys knowledge is going to push us. It’s about how smart you are.”

A few new additions to the Outlaw football team are quarterback Hunter Alford, linebacker Chace Williams, and running back Bryce Wagner.

Quarterback Hunter Alford takes advice from the veteran players and believes a great quarterback is prepared in everything he does and knows what is best for the team in game situations.

“It’s interesting,” Alford said.” I try to take in everything they say and run with it.”

Wagner believes his love for the game and experience will help build the “brotherhood” for the Outlaws.

“I love the kinetic chess match between the defense and offense,” Wagner said. “I love the camaraderie I can build.”

Veteran tight end Maurice Taylor and veteran defensive line player Corey Walker are confident that the team has improved and will achieve their goal to win this season by working together.

“The team has been working very hard,” defensive end Taylor said. “We will do pretty good this season.”

“Everybody is working together with the goal to win,” defensive lineman Walker said, “and working to win the championship.”

Taylor and Walker believe they bring leadership to the team and have implemented this role with the new players.

“I feel we are brotherhood-we pick each other up,” Walker said. “We answer questions and build as a team.”

“New players fit right in-learn things quickly,” Taylor said.

As the West Texas Outlaws travel to Dallas seeking a win, they are confident that their hard work will pay off as they face the Garland Aztecs.

Football game will be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Tickets are available at the gate for $30.00. Tickets include a tour of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Gates open at 5:30PM and kick-off is at 6:30.

Join us Oct. 5th at the Grove

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Join us Saturday, October 5 from 2-4pm along with former Texas Tech players, rap artist Marlon Williams aka Jay Dilinger (from MTV’s Real World Portland) and KAMC sports analysis, Brian Duncan, for a LIVE broadcast with BlogTalk radio show S.O.A.R with Pete Richardson.

Come out and meet the players! There will be refreshments and a performance by Marlon Williams. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. This is a family friendly event.

For more information, contact Razonia McClellan at or 432-686-9956.

Progress in 2013 sets the Outlaws up for a brighter 2014

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West Texas Outlaws head coach Charles Gonzales and his coaching staff prepares to host the first tryout for their 2014 roster this Saturday, but before pulling out his notes to see what need positions they plan to address this weekend, he took a moment to reflect on the progress the football program has made in his seven years with the team.


“I inherited this team by accident,” Gonzales said. “I was on the sideline watching a game, watching them play and the offensive coordinator at the time decided he didn’t want to coach anymore, so I was handed a playbook and have been coaching ever since.”

In 2013, the Outlaws made their 10th playoff appearance in 11 years, but were eliminated in the first round by the Anderson County Roughnecks. However, the progress the organization made as a whole cannot be overlooked.

“Last year we made some great strides, did a great job of getting our name out there and we put a pretty good product on the field, but now we’re looking to bring in some new faces and take this thing up to the next level where we want to be and where we need to be,” Gonzales said.

Acquiring Lena Stephens Field at Lubbock Christian High School was a major blessing for the organization last off-season. The grass field with stands that seat several hundred fans gave friends and family the opportunity to watch their favorite spring football team under the lights with minimal travel. Let us not forget the outstanding home-cookin’ available for purchase at the concession stand.
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